Bargala is one of the more important late antique towns in Macedonia. It is located at 12 km, south north of the Stip town, at the site named Goren Kozjak, at the foot heel of Plackovica mountain.

The town rose from the late Roman military camp (castrum), after the lost of strategic meaning Bargala turned into civil-archiepiscopical city. In V-th century, particularly in the time of rule of Justinian I (527-565) the town reached its pick, but at the end of VI century suffered several barbarian invasions that shook the Balkans. The town wasn't completely deserted (abandoned) but it existed as non-urbanized settlement.

Further on in the middle century, a new settlement was established which was marked by the church "St. Georgi" constructed at the end of the second half of IX century. Around the church "St. Georgi" a necropolis was discovered which according to the findings, has existed since VII century. In addition, this antique town as well as the rest of the towns distinguished thanks to several basilicas, town baths, beautiful houses etc.

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