The village of Morodvis is located in the base of mountain Plackovica, seven kilometers south of Kocani. This is also the location of Crkviste - Morobizdon, a complex of late-antique and medieval localities. It is a settlement where life unfolded in the period from the V to the VII-th century, when it was abandoned, in order to return to life again during the IX-th century, when it was colonized by the Slavs.

In the period from the 10th to the 15th century, this locality reached its culmination, representing a religious center of the Bregalnica region, during the era of the Samoil state, becoming bishopric center in the framework of the Ohrid bishopric. The prosperity of the city of Morobizdon and Morodvis bishopric ended towards the end of the 12th century, a time when Serbian church became the ruler of this region, and in 1347, as a result of a decision by the church council at its meeting held in Skopje, the headquarters of the bishopric was moved to Zletovo.

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