In 2001 in Republic of Macedonia right beneath the mountain pick Tatikev Kamen - Municipality Staro Nagoricane, the Bronze Age archaeological site was found revealing some human civilization development facts. Archaeology campaign artefacts, as well as the archaeo- astronomical analyze in the following years disclosed sacred mountain having all characteristic on an ancient observatory in the same time.

Today, the site is known as Megalithic Observatory Kokino or simply as Kokino. The Megalithic Observatory Kokino is located in the north-east part of Macedonia, near the border with Serbia (more accurate: latitude 42° 15" 47', longitude 21° 57" 32'). The observatory Kokino is near the village Kokino, on the border-line with the village Arbanasko.

The entire region today is with small density of population as there are less than 1000 inhabitants in the area of the ten nearby villages.

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