Stibera, or as the archaeologists love to name it, Macedonian Pompeia, is one of the biggest antique towns in Macedonia, and at the same time, one of the most attractive antique urban settlements.

It is situated in the vicinity of the village of ńĆepigovo, near Prilep, and its remnants lay on the south slopes of the hill Bedem, where the stream Blato flows into the river Crna Reka (Erigon). The several written antique sources report about the life and ubiquity of Stibera. In later records, it is not mentioned at all, so it is supposed that it disappeared before the 4th century, during the reign of the tzar Galien.

The archaeological excavations of this site have given an entire treasure of movable archaeological material, belonging mainly to the period of II and III - th centuries, when Stibera was at its peak. Among the busts, there are the representations of the respectable army commander and citizen, well-known in this region, Titus Flavius Orest and his son Philoxen.

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