The archeological site known as Roman Bath represents a late Roman thermo-mineral spa (Balneum) built in the 3rd and 4th Century A.D. It is located about 12 kilometers east of Strumica at the foot of the Belasitsa mountain.

The spa was discovered in 1978 while doing excavation work for the foundation of the Czar Samuil Hotel. The bath used the healing properties of the water from the spring Parilo, located about fifty meters south-west of the object, with a capacity of 42 liters per second and temperature of 72°C. Eleven rooms with a total area of 623 m2 have so far been discovered in the bath. Walls are preserved from a height of 2 meters to up to 6.70 meters. The best preserved rooms are the ones that were used as sauna and the cold water pool called frigidarium. Preserved also are the floors of all rooms that are made of ceramic tiles and mortar, as well as the base sections of the domed construction. The complete system of floor and wall heating remains intact including the water piping system and the drainage. The most recent excavations uncovered new buildings with multi colored floor mosaics dating from the 4th Century A.D.

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