Bitola Bitola is a city with 95,385 population in the southwestern part of Republic of Macedonia. Often considered Macedonia's third city, it is an administrative, cultural, industrial, commercial, and educational centre.

It is located in the southern part of the Pelagonia valley, surrounded by the Baba and Nidže mountains, 14 km north of the Medžitlija-Níki border crossing with Greece.

In Ancient time here was the town Heraclea Lyncestis is associated with the time of Philip II of Macedon. It is known from the Ottoman period as "the city of the consuls", as many European countries had consulates in Bitola. Remains from that time are mosques (Gazi Haydar - Kadi, Isak mosque, The Jeni Mosque), but also the church of St. Demetrius. Mustafa Kemal - Ataturk, father of modern Turkey, was a student in Bitola.

Here is national Park Pelister with the highest mountain peak (2601 m).

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