Delcevo is a small town in the eastern mountainous part of the Republic of Macedonia. The town has changed its name several times. During the Ottoman period it was visited by a Sultan personally. A large number of Christian people converted to Islam, and at that time the town was called "Sultania" or "Sultaniye". The Islamised Christian population hadn't learned the Turkish language and they renamed Sultania into their own language, Carevo Selo (Czar's village). The town has borne its present name Delcevo since 1950, in honor of the celebrated revolutionary and ideologist Goce Delcev who had often visited the place while he was teaching in the village of Novo Selo, near Stip.The town of Delcevo is situated at the foot of Mount Golak on both banks of the river Bregalnica, 164 km to the east of Skopje. It is the biggest settlement in the Pianec region which covers an area of 585 km², between Mount Osogovo to the north and Mount Males to the south. The town lies at 590 m to 640 metres above sea level. Cultural manifestation in this town is "Goce's days" (in the honour of Goce Delcev, patron of city. In the village Razlog was happened uprising in 1876 year against Turks. The oldest object here is mosque, but also we have here beautiful iconostas in church "St. Nikola" in v. Istvenik from1864 year.

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