Dojran Dojran is a touristic pearl in the south part of the country. It has mild Mediterranean climate and six months season.

First urban place here is from ancient time and his name is Taurian, but in IX century the city was destroyed and than was established new city -Polin. Today name is from period when Turks came in Balkan (end of XIV century).

During for the World War One the city was totally destroyed. The landmark of the city is Dojran lake. Here we have special way of fishing with small birds - cormorans. Other tourist attractions are: ruined church St. Ilija, monastery complex St. Partenij Zografski, remains from clock tower and Turkish amam. In the summer from 1976 till now is happened art manifestation "Dojran's handings".

Dojran municipality has 3426 inhabitants.

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