Kavadarci Kavadarci is a town located in the Tikves region of The Republic of Macedonia. Situated in the heart of Macedonia's wine country, it is home to the country's largest manmade lake and the largest winery in south-eastern Europe, both named after the Tikves plain.

The tradition of wine making and grape growing in the Tikveš region date as far back as the 4th century BC, the industry thrived during medieval times with its production as was common at the time throughout Europe being made in monasteries.

The Tikveš region is situated in an area with a unique and favourable climate produced by the merging of the Mediterranean from the South and Continental from the North. Combined with arable soil; high with eroded clay content makes this a most favourable area to grow grapes.

The town of Kavadarci is a seat of the Kavadarci municipality. The monastery of St. George, located on the shores of the artificial lake Tikves, can be reached only by boat. Here is also strict natural Reserve Tikves. Near the village of Konopiste, there is very interesting geomorphologic structure - terrestrial pyramids.

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