Kocani The town spreads across the Northern side of the Kocani valley, along the banks of the Kocani river, right where it leaves the mountain slopes and flows through the valley. North of the town there is the Osogovo mountain (2,252 m) and 8 kilometres away to the south the valley is closed by the mountain Plačkovica (1,754 m). The town is 350 - 450 m above sea level.

Kocani spreads over an area of 18.6 square kilometres and has population of 28,330 inhabitants which makes it the third regional center in the Eastern part of the country.

Each year in May there are two very important cultural events in the town: The Amateur Drama Festival and the Days of Rice.

Near the village of Pantelej, only 12 km from Kocani there is a monastery complex St. Pantelejmon, built in the XIX century. Every year on 9th of August there is a church fair visited by thousands of people. Archeological site is Crkviste - Morodvis with the ancient remnants of the town of Harmonia.

Here is also little lake Gradce. Above town is Monument to freedom.

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