Negotino is situated on the right bank of the river Vardar. The city is about 150 metres above sea level and it has a 13 500 population.

Negotino is in a vineyard region and the gates of the Tikves basin, known for its fertility are located nearby. Along with Kavadarci, Negotino is well known as the home of Macedonia's best wine and rakija (brandy).

The M-1 highway leads through the city, parallel to the railway line connecting Skopje - Gevgelija - Greece. Negotino is known as a beautiful town in the Vardar valley. The settlement existed and developed in antiquity and in the 3rd century BC, under the name of Antigoneia. It was founded by the Macedonian king Antigonus II Gonatas, in the period between 278-242 BC. After conquering Paionia, he conquered the settlements around the central Vardar region. In his name, the settlement that he founded was called Antigoneia.

The material data and the legends say that Antigoneia, predecessor of Negotino, was situated 12 Roman miles south from the antique town Stobi, on the road to Thessaloniki, at today's place of Gradiste, by the railway station of Negotino. Today, the citizens of Negotino are especially proud of old downtown, which is completely reconstructed.

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