Sveti Nikole is a town in the Republic of Macedonia. It is a seat of the Sveti Nikole municipality and a center of a plain called Ovče Pole (Plain of sheep), famous for sheep farming, lamb meat, and dairy products of all kinds. According to legend, the town was named after the church of Sveti Nikola, built in the beginning of the XIV century, at the time was the biggest church of all 42 churches in this area. There are many archaeological sites in the Sveti Nikole municipality from all ages in the past. The outlying villages of Sveti Nikole include Amzabegovo, with its barely excavated archaeological site, and Burilovci, famous for the magnificent frescoes that adorn its own church of Saint Nicholas. Population in municipality Sveti Nikole is 18,497 inhabitants. Devil's wall is fortress near Sveti Nikole, who is build after legend by Devil who make a bet with God, that he will stop the river Bregalnica with wall, only from one night, but when God saw that Devil will made in his aim, God to make the cock to crow and start new day and Devil lost the bet.

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