Veles is a municipality in central Republic of Macedonia. According to the last National census this municipality has 55,340 inhabitants.

Veles is most attractive for Stobi, an archaeological city, which is most preserve antique city. Central monument in city is Clock tower. In the city we may see the monuments of Koco Racin, Panko Brasnarov, Veles Ilinden fighters (uprising against Turks from 1903 y), gemigii (young people who did attacks in Solun in 1903 year against Turks) and houses of Koco Racin, Vasil Glavinov and Joradan Hadji Konstantinov - Djinot.

Memorial museum in Gorno Vranovci and memorial charnel house of the fallen troops in NOV (National Liberation War in Macedonia) are dedicate to a heroes from The World War Two. Each year there are two very important cultural events in the town: international poet manifestation "Koco Racin", international festival of ancient drama, art colony "Eco art" and international folk festival.

Famous people from Veles are Andrej Damjanov (great builder of churches from XIX century), writers (Jordan Hadji Konstantinov - Djinot, Rajko Zinzifov, Koco Racin, Kole Nedelkovski, Dimitrija Cupovski), revolutionist (Petar Pop Arsov, Vasil Glavinov, Panko Brasnarov), actor Petre Prlickov.

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