Lake Tikves

Tikves lake is the biggrst man-made lake in Macedonia. It is situationed in the south of the country, in the canon of Crna Reka (Black River) and is 12 km away from Kavadarci.

Tikves lake's surface is 14 km and 28.5 km length, and the average width is 500 metres. The deepest depth of the lake is 105 metres. The volume of the water is 475 cubic-meters. Its height above sea-level is 165 metres, cove shaded with an extension north-south. The main sources of the lake are Crna Reka (Black River) and Dragov River.

The temperature of the water of Tikves  Lake averages 24 degrees Celsius during the Summer and Autumn months, this makes the Lake ideal for swimming and other water sports.

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