Its complex consists of a church dedicated to Saint Nikola, inns that are placed south of the church and represent a two-story renovated building, a modern bakery, as well as a kitchen attached to the western part of the inn. The monastery watermill has been renovated and it is located five hundred meters to the east from the monastery, along the river of Luda Mara. There are some assumptions, but not exact data, with regards to the exact time of construction of the single-nave monastery church, and the name of the constructor. According to some, this very same mister Nikola is also the constructor of the temple, and he did that just several years before he fresco-painted it. Throughout time, Moklishki monastery was noted as a monastery with rich and active life that was maintained even during the time when Poloshki monastery was completely neglected. In this monastery, people used to collect all the books from abandoned monasteries around Macedonia, thus creating a very rich library. Transcription activities were taking place at the same time. At present, monastery property consists of buildings only. The Moklish summerhouse is close to the monastery, and it is a nicely arranged space with a restaurant and accommodation facilities.

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