The Monastery of St. Bogorodica Prečista (Immaculate Mother of God) is an important Macedonian monastery. It is situated near the city of Kicevo.

The monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. This church was several times destroyed, but in 1848 was rebuilt  and 1852 was painted by the artist Dico from the village of Tresonce and in 1880 by his son Avram.

In 1924 Dositej, later the first Archbishop of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, became a monk in this monastery. The monastery is also famous for the legend of the 'flying icon' that was moved three times to another monastery and, allegedly, miraculously returned by itself to the original place, guided by a ray of light. The feast of the monastery is Mala Bogorodica, (Birthday of Virgin Mary on September 21).

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