Near the Skopje village of Susica, situated in the picturesque valley of the river by the same name, the Marko's monastery and its church dedicated to St. Dimitrija are located. This monastery has escaped the destiny of many other Macedonian monasteries that were destroyed during the Ottoman reign and was preserved with almost no significant damage. It is interesting that in the 19-th century a prior of this monastery was the renowned Macedonian enlightener Kiril Pejcinovik. In the inscription above the southern entrance to the naos, the year when the church was renovated by the king Volkasin and his son Marko, in the period between 1366-1371. The church Sveti Dimitrija has the form of an inscribed cross in a rectangular area, in the middle of which, on four stone pillars, a highly elevated dome is positioned. The church was built of stone and bricks with which fine ornaments were made (especially impressive in the area of the altar apse and the external niches). Most typical is the composition in which the human drama is depicted, through the slaying of Bethlehem children, presented in the composition "Rachael weeping", then the donor's composition in which are depicted, in full size and in royal attire, the kings Volkašin and Marko (Marko Krale) that are positioned on both sides above the entrance door.

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