St George at Poloshko

The only possible way to reach this monastery is to cross the Tikves Lake by boat. The church from the complex of Poloski monastery is dedicated to Saint Georgi. The church from the complex of Poloski monastery is dedicated to Saint Georgi and it was built prior to the 14-th century, and renovated during the reign of emperor Dusan and his brother Dragutin, who is buried in the porch that was built additionally. Later on, it was reconstructed again, and for the last time that was the case in 1881.It is a single-nave construction with facades made of stone and brick and a dome placed on top of the middle trave of the three traves that exist.The fresco-art, according to its characteristics, dates from the 14th century, except the one in the narthex that was made during the 17th century. It is valuable to emphasize that the fresco-art in this church differs in its characteristics from other fresco-art that originates from the same period. Out of the painted compositions, the following can be singled out: "Communion of the apostles" and "Virgin Mary of all heavens" in the altar apse, "Dormition of Virgin Mary" on the western wall, a composition where one can notice the unusual posture of Jesus Christ who stands over Virgin Mary presenting her with the last kiss.Additional elements of interest in the church are the two beautiful entry wooden doors of the porch, engraved in shallow technique, as well as the iconostas that originates from the year 1679.

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