St. George Kurbinovo – Resen

According to the time of its fresco-decoration, it is supposed that the church was built in the year 1191. It is a modest building and belongs to the type of single-nave churches, with a semi-circular altar apse. It was built of broken stone.

The analyses performed evidence that the temple, during its existence, has been subjected to certain destruction, most probably caused by fire, after which was completely abandoned. What impresses and amazes in this church is its fresco-painting, which, coupled by the one in the church  Sveti Panteleimon near Skopje, represents an original and a peak of the artistic mastery in the times of the art of Komnens in Macedonia.

In the altar apse, the composition Annunciation is painted, that has made this church exclusive and a part of the annals of the peak achievements of the Byzantine fresco-painting. The depiction of the Archangel Gabriel stands out in it. It has almost become a symbol and landmark of the church in Kurbinovo.

Interesting and rare are the depictions of Jesus Christ and the patron of the church, St. George, from the north and the south wall, with a monumental size. The visit to this church is an experience beyond the personal, because the encounter of these paintings conquers the feeling of loneliness and transience and takes us to the realms where the indifference and lovelessness have no existence.

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