St. George – Staro Nagoricino

The church was built in 1313, although it has been ascertained that it was erected on the fundaments of an older sacral structure dating from the 11th century and built, according to the tradition, by the Byzantine Tsar Roman IV Diogenes (1067-1071).

The year 1313 was imprinted on an inscription over the western entrance door and another inscription located on the southwest wall ascertains that the frescoes were painted in 1317-18. What makes this church exceptional is the preserved original altar partition, that is the iconostasis made of stone pillars, parapet plates and ornamented archigraph.

This is a unique example of icons painted in fresco technique in our country. St. George and Mother of God Pelagonitisa have been painted in this technique on the left and right side of the Tsar's (Lord's) Gates. However, an interminable importance of this cultural and sacred monument rests in the preserved frescoes painted by the renowned fresco-painters Evtichie and Mihailo.

The portraits of the founders (patrons) of the church, King Milutin and his young wife Simonida, are impressive. They have been portrayed in the lower part of the northern wall.

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