St. Naum - Ohrid

The monastery church dedicated to the Holy archangels Gavril and Mihail is built on the high steep cliff. East of the monastery, in the immediate environment, widely is spread the abundant spring of the Crni Drim River. It is really impressive to see the picture of the transparent and cold waters and the small islands overgrown in flourishing vegetation.

St. Naum choose this calm and noble wildness to be his habitat, place from where he developed the noble mission that served to the enlightenment of the people. The original monastery church that was built by Naum had a form of trikonhos with narthex and was very close to the one of Clement. The grave of Naum was constructed on the southeast part of the narthex, on the same place as the grave of Clement in Ohrid. From the original church only the tibilon is preserved, on which columns there are Cyrillic and Glagolitic letters engraved.

The second phase of the refurbishment of the church happened before 1711. Then the central dome was penetrated and the current cupola was built on a square base. Later on in the angles of the narthex square columns were built, connected with arches that carry the newly built cupola. In 1799 with "effort and expense of the abbot Stefan,  the spire of the grave chapel was renovated. he interior of the church is decorated with iconostasis divided into five horizontal parts, and on the top there is a big cross, two dragons on the top of the cross and two flanked icons.

The iconostasis is done in the technique of shallow woodcarving, with exception of the friz that is deeply engraved, which mark the introduction of the proficient engraving in our country. The works on the iconostasis were completed in 1711 by masters-woodcarvers who gained their experience and skills in Mt.Athos. The throne icons as well as the festive ones from the first and second zone of the iconostasis are painted by the painter Konstantin Jeromonah from Korca in 1711. The present church, located into partly closed circle of newly built monastery lodgings (mansions)-with many hotel rooms, contemporary restaurant, dining room and additional buildings, is one of the most significant monument of culture of the medieval past of Macedonia.

This complex of monuments still reminds on the happy and dramatic times of creation, destruction and fire and of re-creation all over again.

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