St Nicholas Psaca

It was financed by the Sevastocrat Vlatko and his father, the Grand Duke Pashac. A document from March 25 1358 mentions the dedication of the church to the Hilandar monastery by the owner Vlatko. In the church there is a group portrait of the founding family: the Grand Duke of Pashac, his wife the Grand Duchess of Ozra, the Sevastocrat Vlatko, his wife Vladislava and their son Stefan.On the west entrance to the church there used to be an inscription, supposedly ruined in 1876 because the kings Uros and Volkasin were mentioned in it. The portraits of these emperors are painted on the north wall, but the inscriptions that used to be next to them were also destroyed.The church of St. Nikola is set on rectangular space and has the basis of a cross. There is a the porch at the front side and a dome over it. It is built of processed stone and brick. The outside walls are richly decorated with ornaments and ceramics.The fresco paintings date back to the time of the construction of the church. It is one of the most valuable, most talented and most impressive paintings from the medieval period. Some additional paintings were made in the 19th Century and in the beginning of the 20th Century the fresco painter Dimitrie Andonov Papradiski used his recognizable talent to paint the characters of several saints on the west facade.

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