St.Clement - Plaosnik

Near the Early Christian Episcopal church there is a mosque whose dome and minaret have been destroyed. In the interior of the mosque there are to be found remains of the oldest Slavonic monastery that dedicated to St. Panteleimon and built by St. Clement of Ohrid in 893.

It was here that the Ohrid School, a centre of Slavonic literary and cultural activity, was situated. Here, St. Clement of Ohrid, the first writer from among the Macedonian Slavs, wrote his literary composition including the "Words in Praise of St. Cyril", a masterpiece of medieval Slavonic prose.

The archeological finds in St. Clement's Church of St. Panteleimon include the tomb of St. Clement of Ohrid. The local legend that St. Clement's Church and his grave had originally occupies this site was corroborated by the first excavations, carried out in 1943, when Prof. Dimche Koco discovered the foundations of St. Clement's Church and at the same time his tomb. None of the frescoes from St. Clement's original 9th century church has survived.

The fragments of those frescoes which have been uncovered in the course of archeological research belong to three different periods when the monastery was being renovated or enlarged. After the advent of the Ottoman turks, St. Clement's Church was converted into a mosque, known as the Imaret Mosque, which still exists to this day.

The mosque was built as an endowment and a memorial by Sinan Chele bi, member of the distinguished Turkish family of the Ohrizade.

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