The Treskavec Monastery

The Treskavec Monastery has been in continued use since it was founded in the twelfth century. The Church of the Dormition of the Virgin was constructed the following century and features a cross-in-square plan and a central dome. A narthex and an exonarthex with two symmetrically arranged domes were added in the fourteenth century.

The church preserves a highly significant body of Byzantine paintings, including the first-known representation of the Heavenly Court, as well as unique, high-quality images of the Heavenly Jerusalem and the Calendar, which are located in the exonarthex.

Fifteenth-century paintings executed by a known workshop-at Kastoria in Greece-are preserved in the nave. Marble blocks reused in the altar parapet provide evidence for an early Christian structure on the site.

The monastery also retains portions of its fourteenth-century kitchen and dining room, as well as important inscriptions and historical portraits that link it to both Byzantine and Serbian patronage.

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