Zrze monastery

It is located to the north of Prilep, above the village of Zrze. The church is dedicated to the Holy Transfiguration.

It was built by monk German in the mid-XIV century, during King Dusan's time. Its maintenance was continued by his nieces, fresco painters Joan (a metropolitan) and his brother Makarie (a monk). After the arrival of the Turks within the region, the brothers ceded the monastery to their village mayor Konstantin and his sons Jakov, Kalojan, and Dimitar.

During Bayazit I the monastery was abandoned, and it was renewed by Konstantin. Before 1368/1369 the western parvis was added. After the death of Konstantin's sons, it was abandoned again, and in the early XVI century was seriously damaged. It was reconstructed in 1535. In 1625 the latest, the church's structure was finished, and a parvis was added. In the XVII century the monastery was expanded.

On its northern side the church of St. Petar and Pavle (Peter and Paul) was built, later known as Shepherds' church. In the village of Zrze there were many old churches that maybe were its appendices.

According to a legend, both Vukasin and his son, King Marko, got married in the monastery.

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