The most popular resort centre in Mount Bistra is National park Mavrovo which covers an area of 730 888 ha and is the largest of all three national parks in Macedonia. This is an interesting tourist's attraction with unique natural beauties. This tourist centre is believed to be one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Macedonia.

It is a place of many natural beauties, a crystal clear lake, high mountain hills from where you can see panoramas of Bistra and it's near by village suburbs. Marvovo attracts tourists during all seasons, but it is more attractive in winter when it is all covered with deep snow. The Mavrovo region is situated around the lake of Mavrovo from the Mavrovski's Anovi, all the way to the village of Mavrovo.

This mountain is very rich with flora and fauna, like outstanding floristic wealth of over 1000 plant species, 38 of which are three species, 35 buches, and about 60 are endemic, relict or rare species. The fauna in the National Park Mavrovo is rather diverse. It consists of 140 bird species, among which: the grey hawk, imperial eagle, forest owl, big owlmarch harrier, also 11 amphibian species, 12 reptile species and 38 mammal species.

Mavrovo and Mavrovo Anovi represent two tourist suburbs, joined together in one tourist region. The whole tourist complex manages with 1200 beds and over 1000 villas, with many hotels, restaurants and shops. The Mavrovo region hosts ski tournaments and other sport recreations. This region is very active throughout the year. The northern peaks of Rusino Brdo, Sultanica and Sandaktas, have good condition for winter sport activities.

The popularity of Mavrovo is growing more and more each year with the attraction of many tourists.

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