Osogovo mountain has many tourist attraction like: SRC Ponikva. One of the 34 winter tourist centres designed in the spatial plan of Republic of Macedonia, on 1670 meters above sea level. It is placed in an area with dense beech wood, rich vegetation and takes especially important place in the development of tourism and the general development of the Osogovo region. The Osogovo region offers extraordinary conditions for tracing skiing and mountainous lanes.

To the highest parts of Osogovo (Ruen 2252m), can be reached from several directions. The one is through Kriva Palanka-Toranica, the second one is Ponikva-Carev Peak (2085m). There are also a lot of other mountainous lanes as the lane from Kriva Palanka to Ponikva. Kuklica locality - the geological forms and the forming of the dolls were created millions years before. The stormy volcanic activity in this part of Osogovo region had left many relics of craters, among which the most impressive is the Lesnovski Crater. It is one of the most kept and characteristic craters on the Balkan Peninsula.

Cocev Stone is one of the most monumental archaeological localities in the region, where the paleolith deposit is placed from before 20.000 years. In the time of the neolith a settlement was developed on this locality. Characteristic discovered object on this locality is the neolith spoon and more fragments of goddesses. One of the most important cultural-historical monuments in Macedonia the monastery St. Gavril Lesnovski is placed in Lesnovo village. St. Joakim Osogovski was built on relics of ancient church which dates from XI - th century.

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