Macedonia is located in Southeastern Europe, north of Greece. It's total land area is 24,856 sq km, with an additional 477 sq km of water. The country is bordered by Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Kosovo.

Republic of Macedonia

Getting to Macedonia by Air

Republic of Macedonia has two national airports:

  • Skopje - Alexander the Great Airport / Aerodrom Aleksandar Veliki (SKP)
  • Ohrid - St.Paul the Apostle Airport / Aerodrom Sveti Apostol Pavle (OHD)

Getting to Macedonia by Road

Car: The international highway E-75 runs north to south from Serbia to Greece. There are also good road links to Bulgaria and Albania.

Bus: The international bus station in Skopje serves buses destined for Tirana (Albania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Belgrade (Serbia) and Istanbul (Turkey), and buses to Germany. A number of bus lines that are frequent and relatively inexpensive connect Macedonia with its neighbouring countries and other European cities.

Getting to Macedonia by Rail

Macedonia is only accessible by railway from Serbia or Greece.
There are 2 daily international trains for Belgrade and Salonica/Thessaloniki. Railroads towards Albania and Bulgaria are still in construction.


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