Macedonia is very beautiful country and after 12 days hiking in Macedonia you will learn something -, that Macedonia is hidden pearl on the Balkan. You will have chance to hike all three Macedonian national parks, all three natural lakes, beautiful waterfalls. You will visit the most highest town in Balkan, Krushevo and town with the cleanest air in Macedonia, Berovo. You will see the only Macedonian island, Golem Grad (Big city) and Stone dolls in Kratovo. You will enjoy Macedonia.

Day 1 - Skopje
“Welcome to Macedonia” - we will be waiting for your arrival at Skopje. Together we will depart for your hotel and you will have time for accommodation. Lunch in a restaurant. We will visit Natural Museum of Macedonia, its permanent displays presented on 1 700 m2 of showroom. They show the gaia, the flora, and the fauna of the Republic of Macedonia. Dinner in a national restaurant.

Day 2 - Skopje – Mavrovo
After breakfast in the hotel and check out we will visit the canyon Matka (17 km) on the river Treska, which is placed on a 5000ha. Especially significant are the 10 caves placed inside the lake Matka, whose depth is over 35 meters, 200 endemic plants and 77 types of endemic butterflies. On the river Treska are held kayak and canoe competitions. Leaving for Mavrovo (67 km). Lunch in the restaurant. Mavrovo is one of the three national parks in Macedonia with a largest of 73088 ha. River Radika runs through it, rich with waterfalls, has over 1 000 types of plants and 140 kinds of birds. We will accommodate in the hotel. Light walk through the mount Bistra. Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 3 - Mavrovo – Galichnik - Mavrovo
After breakfast in the hotel we will visit Galichnik (14 km), the village with the most authentic rural architecture and known with manifestation “galicka wedding”. We will lunch in a restaurant in Galichnik. Returning to Mavrovo (14 km) and free time for exploring Mavrovo. Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 4 - Mavrovo – Struga – Ohrid
Breakfast in the hotel. Visiting of the monastery “St. John At Bigor” (27 km), which has one of the most beautiful wood carved iconostasis. The journey continues towards the “Vevchani springs” (60 km), placed on the mountain Jablanica on 900 m above the sea level, and with power of the water 1500 l/sec. Lunch in a restaurant in the village of Vevchani. We will visit the Natural Scientific Museum in Struga and then we will continue to the “Biljanini springs” (28 km) where is the nestling place of the famous Ohrid fish-Pastrmka (Trout). Walk on the bay of the Ohrid Lake in the city center and through the Old bazaar. We will accommodate in the hotel and after we will have dinner in a national restaurant.

Day 5 - Ohrid – St. Naum – Golem grad - Brajchino
After breakfast in the hotel we are going to visit the place “St. Naum” (27 km). Sailing by boat through the place where the leak of the lake of Ohrid is. Lunch in restaurant. Continuing the drive through the national park Galichica (with 26 endemic animals and 14 types of endemic plants) from where we can see the two lakes. We will visit island “Golem Grad” (big city) in Prespa Lake with local guide. This is only one island in Macedonia. Here you will see Dalmatian Pelican, Pigmy Cormorant and snake Long-nosed Viper. We will driving thru the strict natural reserve “Ezerani” (35 km) (where are kept 62 kinds of birds, species protected by the Bern Convention) placed near the Prespansko lake (274km2, with highest depth of 54m). Arriving in the village of Brajchino (90 km), ethno village on the Pelister mountain. Dinner in a restaurant in the village and overview of the Village.

Day 6 – Brajchino – Bitola
Brakfast in Brajchino. We will continue with the travel to Bitola (30 km) and have a free time for shopping. We will lunch in the national restaurant. Accommodation in the hotel at the national park “Pelister”. (Pelister is the name of the highest peak 2601m above the sea level). We will make a big walking tour to see the Big (2226 m) and the Small (2190 m) Lakes, so called “the Eyes of the forest”, here is the unique Molika three, which is endemic specie. Back to hotel and dinner in restaurant in Bitola.

Day 7 - Bitola – Krushevo
After breakfast we will continue with the travel towards the city of Krushevo (48 km), the highest placed town on the Balkan Peninsula and the birthplace of the famous balkan singing star, Tose Proeski. Accommodation in the hotel. Lunch in restaurant. Visiting the ski-center in Krushevo and a walk to the place called Sliva (a Plum). We will have dinner in the restaurant.

Day 8 - Krushevo – Prilep - Kavadarci – Doyran
Breakfast in the hotel. We will continue with the journey to the city of Prilep (30 km) and visiting the “Towers of Marko” where the nature had created remarkable forms in the rocks. We will have lunch in national restaurant in the city of Kavadarci (47 km). The travel continues by boat towards the natural reserve “Tikvesh” (which is the habitat of 23 kinds of predatory birds) witch is enclosed with the artificial lake “Tikvesh” and the monastery “St. Georgi - Poloshki” (35 km). Continuing with the ride on the Demirkapia Gorge (19 km long, with 9 caves and rare birds). Arriving in the city of Doyran (97 km). Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner in the fishing restaurant.

Day 9 – Doyran – Strumica - Berovo
We will have breakfast in hotel. Walk on the Bay of Doyran Lake, famous for traditional way of fishing with birds cormorants. We will continue the trip towards the city of Strumica (47 km). We will visit of the Smolare waterfall (27 km), the tallest continuing waterfall in Macedonia, with 38 meters fall of the water. We will have lunch in the national restaurant. After lunch we will visit the Koleshino waterfall (15 km) with height of 15m. Driving near the Monospitovsko Blato, the last one in Macedonia. After that we continue with the travel to the city of Berovo (65 km), the city with the cleanest air in Macedonia and accommodating in the hotel. Dinner in the restaurant.

Day 10 - Berovo – Pehcevo - Kocani
After breakfast in the hotel we will start with the 3 hours long hike. We will have lunch in Bacilo. We will visit Berovo Lake and after we will continue to Pehcevo waterfalls (10 km). Our tour will continue to the city of Kocani (53 km) and dinner in a restaurant. Accommodation in the hotel, placed on the river dam “Gradche”, above the city of Kocani.

Day 11 – Kocani – Kratovo – Kumanovo - Skopje
Breakfast in the hotel. We will visit the place “Kuklica”(60 km), (stone dolls created in the rocks). We will have lunch in a restaurant. Visit of the Litotelmi plochi (18 km), place where this “lythotelms” are with diameter of 20-60 cm and depth of 10-40 cm, and is the habitat place of the rare kind of dragon crab. After that we will visit the Bazaltni plochi (25 km) the giant basalts divided by tectonic processes. We will leave for Skopje (50 km) and we will accommodate. Dinner in restaurant.

Day 12 – Skopje
After breakfast in hotel, we will check out and leave Macedonia.

PRICE: euro

The price includes:
* Accommodation (shared twin room) in hotels, bed and breakfast,
* Lunch and dinner in restaurants,
* Organization and tourist guide,
* Transfers airport – hotels - airport.

The price does not include:
* Everything that is not mentioned above

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