The Influence of the Turkish culture is still very strong in Macedonia. Turkey defeated Macedonian army in 1371 in the battle of Marisa and enlarged Ottoman Empire on the Balkan. Turkey ruled with Macedonia till the Balkan wars in 1912. Today we have 228 mosques, inns, Turkish baths and old bazaars and the most of them have great art value. Come to Macedonia and you will see these monuments from that time and you will be admired. Today in Macedonia are living 78 000 Turks. But in the past that number was very big. In the period between 1935 and 1990 almost 270 000 Muslim people left ex – Yugoslavia and went to live in Turkey. Today, Turks are respectable members in Macedonian society and known as very friendly people.

Day 1 – Skopje
“Welcome to Macedonia” - we will be waiting for your arrival at Skopje. Together we will depart for your hotel and you will have time for accommodation. We will have lunch in national restaurant. You will have free time to explore Skopje. dinner will be served in the national restaurant.

Day 2 – Skopje
After breakfast at the hotel we will make tour to the Old Bazaar in Skopje which exists for more than 1000 years and for which the Turkish travel writer Evlija Celebi said it was beautiful like Baghdad. First we will visit the Cifte Amam dating from 1531 which was double bath for male and female. Today it is used for displaying permanent or temporary exhibitions. Our next stop will be Suli an or “watery inn” built by Ishak – bey in the XV-th century and the building occupies 2101 sq.m Today here is the Museum of Skopje Old Bazaar with 1089 exhibits. You will have opportunity to buy something from the biggest markets in Skopje – the Bit Pazar. We will take you to lunch in an authentic Muslim restaurant. Our next sightseeing will be Ishak – bey’s Mosque built in 1483 by Ishak –bey, one of the greatest Ottoman commanders. The Mosque is also known as Aladza (colorful) because it was encrusted with colorful ceramic tiles ornamenting the facade and the drum of the mosque. Afterwards we will visit Isa- Bey’s Mosque built by Isa - bey in 1475. The interior of the mosque is highly decorated with relief plastic of stalactites and rhombuses. We will also see Jahja Pasha’s Mosque built in 1504. Today it is a place where Muslim devotees from Skopje worship the biggest religious celebrations. Our next stop will be Kursumli an (inn) built in 1540, covers a space of 2800 m?. Today here is the lapidarium – the stone tomb collection from the Roman Empire. Part of our tour will be Mustafa Pasha’s mosque one of the biggest and best-preserved monuments of the Ottoman sacral architecture in Skopje and the Balkans. Mustafa pasha built this mosque and today it dominates the Old Bazaar with 47 meters high minaret. Our last sightseeing will be the Kale Fortess occupying the plateau of the highest hill in the Skopje valley. Then we will go back in hotel for refreshments. Dinner in restaurant.

Day 3 ( Skopje – Tetovo – St. John at Bigor – Ohrid)
After breakfast at the hotel we will check out and start our trip with a coach. We will visit monastery “St. Andrew”(17 km) built by Andrew, the second son of King Volkasin in 1388/9 in the first year of Turkish ruling in Macedonia. We will continue our trip to Tetovo (45 km) to visit the Decorated Mosque erected in 1833/4 and adorned with an elaborate painted facade and interior, making it unique in Macedonia. We will visit also the Arabati Tekke which belongs to the dervish order known as bektes and represents the best – preserved complex of dervish tekke (cloister) in Macedonia. We will have lunch in a restaurant in Tetovo. We will continue the trip and our next stop will be the monastery “St. John at Bigor” (77 km) famous for its wood carved iconostasis. We will continue and go to Ohrid (75 km). We will accommodate in a hotel and later we will have dinner in a restaurant.

Day 4 (Ohrid)
After breakfast at the hotel we will have tour of the old town of Ohrid (approximately 3 hours). First we will visit Cross-mosque (Hadji Turgut), the oldest one in Ohrid from 1466 with interesting legend about a cross on the top of the minaret. Then we will visit Ali Pasa mosque built by the vizier Ali Pasha from Belgrade in 1573 and Zejnel Pasa Teke, build in 1590 and today in courtyard is the burial chamber (turbeh). In its central part is the tomb of Haji Muhammad Hayati, who was of Persian descent and was the first dervish sheikh in Ohrid. After that we will visit the church “Holy Mother Peribleptos” builded by Progon Zgur, relative to the Byzantine dynasty Komnen. Inside the church is the gallery with a big collection of extraordinary icons. After the church we will visit the beautiful Ancient Theater open since the II B.C and host part of the famous Ohrid summer culture festival. Also, will visit the Samuil Fortress which was the centre of the Macedonian nation under the Samuil reign (976-1014). After the fortress we will return to the old town and have lunch. Our walking tour through the old town in Ohrid will continue. We will pay a visit to the “St. Pantelejmon” church build by St. Clement (X century) and reconstructed in 2002. This is the church where back in the days was located the first university on the Balkans. We are going to visit the small church “St. Jovan Kaneo” build in the XIII century were we will experience an amazing view to the Lake Ohrid. We will visit the church “St. Sofija” build in the XI century at some point of the existence was reformed into a mosque. We will come back in hotel to refresh. We will have dinner in restaurant.

Day 5 – Ohrid – Bitola – Prilep
After breakfast at the hotel we will depart for Bitola (67 km), the second largest city in Macedonia. The town is known as Monastir in the Turkish culture. First we will visit the ancient town Heraklea known by his mosaics. The city is built by the Macedonian king Philip the second (359 -336), father of Alexander the Great. We are going to visit the special room dedicated to Kemal Mustafa Ataturk in the Bitola museum. Bitola is the town where he finished his army high school. Walking through “Sirok Sokak” where in the XIX century the consulates of 9 European countries were located. We are going to have lunch in a national restaurant. We will visit three mosques. First we will visit Gazi Haydar – Kadi Mosque erected in 1561/2 representing classical style in the Islamic architecture in Bitola. Next sightseeing is Isak mosque well known with luxurious interior and the tallest mosque in Bitola. It was built in 1506/7 from Judge Isak Celebi – Ibn Iso. The Jeni Mosque was built in 1558 by Kadi Mahmud – Efendi and the glazed decorative features found there are the only examples of their kind in Macedonian mosques. After that we are going to Prilep (43 km). We will accommodate in hotel. Dinner in a restaurant.

Day 6 ( Prilep – Stobi – Strumica)
After breakfast at the hotel we will visit Carshi mosque, erected in 1475 and Clock Tower erected in 1858 in the area of the old market of Prilep. We are going to visit monastery “Holy Archangels” where we will see portraits of the kings Volkasin and Marko painted in 1371, on the west facade of the eastern church. We will have lunch in Prilep. We will continue driving and next stop will be the biggest ancient city in Macedonia, Stobi (55 km). We will see : the theatre, the Episcopal basilica, large and small baths, etc. We will continue to Strumica (93 km), city in eastern Macedonia. We will accommodate in hotel and then have dinner in a restaurant.

Day 7 ( Strumica – Shtip – Skopje)
After breakfast at the hotel we will visit monastery “The Holy Virgin Merciful” in Veljusa, where you will see fresco from Jesus Christ when he was 12 year old boy. After that we will visit The Orta Mosque dating from 1613. Here is a medieval church and ancient sacred place. We will visit Roman bath in Bansko, one of the best preserved on Balkans, and here we will see and ottoman part of bath. We will have lunch in a nice restaurant. We will continue our trip and visit two mosques in Shtip (60 km). We will visit Husa – Medin Pasha Mosque dating from the second half of the XIV century. According to the traditional records, it was built on the ruins of a church that once existed, dedicated to St. Ilija. Second mosque is Kadin Ana mosque from the second half of the XIX century. We will continue our trip to Skopje (89 km), where we will accommodate in a hotel. After we will have dinner in a restaurant.

Day 8 – Skopje
After breakfast in the hotel you will have time for shopping till the departure from Macedonia.

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* Lunch and dinner in restaurants,
* Organization and tourist guide,
* Transfers airport – hotels - airport.

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